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The Bedford Girls’ School Alumnae work alongside the Bedford High School Guild and the Dame Alice Harpur School Association to provide the vital link between the present and former pupils and staff of all three Schools. We aim to encourage and foster the development of Bedford Girls' School.

All pupils and staff of Bedford High School and the Dame Alice Harpur School are automatically members of Bedford Girls’ School Alumnae unless they choose not to be. All new pupils to Bedford Girls’ School gain membership on joining the school on a lifetime subscription basis.

We aim to build a structure which is capable of pro-actively reaching out to our alumnae in a number of different ways, beyond reunions at school, and offers a wider range of activities to benefit members of different ages in diverse communities.

We want our members to feel proud to be part of this group and hope that you will want to be actively involved.

This is just the start of developing our Alumnae and we will be adding new elements and a calendar of varied events, so please check in regularly to see what is going on.

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The Committee

Our committee comprises individuals from all aspects of the school community and includes representation from both the Bedford High School Guild and the Dame Alice Harpur School Association:

The President: Mrs Gemma Gibson, Headmistress

Assistant Head or Deputy Head of the School: Mrs Jane Axford

The Bursar: Mr Jean Marc Hodgkin

Chair: Mrs Kate Whitlock

Treasurer: Miss Charlotte Bryden

Marketing and Development Officer: Mrs Emma MacKenzie

A member of the Governors of Bedford Girls' School: Ms Tina Beddoes

A pupil representative (nominated by the Chairman of the Governors and the President): Leigh-Ann Cudjoe, Head Girl 2020-2021

The Chair and Vice-Chair of the Bedford High School Guild: Mrs Jane Leech

A representative of the Dame Alice Harpur School Association: Ms Carolynne Peacock

A representative of the Trustees of the Bedford High School Foundation: Ms Tina Beddoes

Ex-Officio Members: Mrs Dorothy Chandler, Miss Jo MacKenzie (Former Headmistress)

The committee meet on a termly basis and hold an Annual General meeting that is open to all members.



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