The Guild Biennial - Saturday 14th May 2016


The Bedford High School Guild celebrated its 63rd on Saturday 14th May 2016. The occasion was held at Bedford Girls' School for the second time and was attended by alumnae and several past heads from all eras.

As in previous years the day's celebration began with morning service, led by Guild Chaplain, Paul Fricker. The theme of the service was reflecting on the past and looking forward. The guest speaker was Sarah Miller (née Rainbow), a former Head Girl (1992). Sarah gave a very moving speech of her time at BHSg and the personal difficulties she faced in her Senior School years.

The Guild were treated to both Acting Director of Music, Jo Turner, accompanying the hymns, and Maria Lee’s (Year 13) solo, with her interpretation of Summertime by Gershwin was simply beautiful.

The service was followed by the Annual General Meeting, led by Former Headmistress, Anne Kaye. It was an emotional occasion as Guild Chair, Dorothy Chandler, officially stepped down and thanked Guild members for all their support over the years. Dorothy has been actively involved with The Guild committee since 1972. The AGM also provided Miss MacKenzie the opportunity to personally thank The Guild for their generous contribution towards the Sixth Form refurbishment.

Following a buffet lunch Guild members retired to the Sixth Form Common Room to enjoy coffee and peruse a selection of the archives. We were delighted that Sue Claremont from the archive team was on hand in the afternoon to elaborate on some of the material on show.

The Guild Biennial

May 2014

The Bedford High School Guild celebrated its 62nd Biennial with alumnae of all eras, along with several past heads, gathering together to mark the occasion. For the first time this event was held at Bedford Girls’ school.

The day followed its traditional format and began with morning service in the Assembly Hall led by former High School Chaplain, Paul Fricker.  The theme of the service was
‘New Beginnings’; and Mr Fricker chose to draw on reflection to help us prepare for the future.  Guild members were inspired by Jo MacKenzie’s speech and Head Girl, Juliet Allen, also gave a reading from the Romans.

The Guild were treated to both Director of Music, Helen Gould accompanying the hymns and to Annabella Taylor (Year 9) playing the cello.  Annabella’s interpretation of ‘Hamambdi’ by Granville Bantock was simply beautiful and many commented that the haunting sounds of the cello resonated with them throughout the day.  The service finished with the jubilant sounds of trumpet player, Alison Balson, who several of the alumnae had previously had the pleasure of listening to live at the official opening of Bedford Girls’

The service was followed by the Annual General Meeting and a delicious buffet lunch, which gave the alumnae plenty of opportunity to catch up.

The afternoon concluded with coffee on the Terrace and an enjoyable few hours perusing the archives in Burnaby House.  The archive team, led by Kathy Fricker, have
done a super job in collating the history of the High school and the Guild Members were able to pour at their leisure over old photographs and memorabilia.

It was a lovely afternoon and a unique opportunity for many ex High School ladies to visit Bedford Girls’ School for the first time.

The Guild Biennial

May 2012

A bumper number of Guild members celebrated the last Biennial meeting in the old Bedford High School building. Please find a selection of photographs taken on the day.

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1980 - 1989 Reunion

Saturday 2nd April 2011

There was plenty of time to catch up with old friends, wander around the buildings and take photos! Please find a selection of photographs taken on the day below.

The following girls attended:

Victoria Applewood, Penny Angell, Nicky Lavallin, Mary-Ann Hichens, Emma Banks, Danielle Synnott, Catherine Monk, Jacquetta Dring, Sara Jubb, Sarah Farr, Sarah Pearson, Fiona Reid, Sarah Goff, Alison Blake, Christina Beecroft, Helen Jones, Jenine Hemmings, Kate Nickels, Kate Lanz, Claire Healey, Sophy Smith, Amanda Ward, Irene Meehan, Jane McKendrick, Nicole Ibbott, Suzanne Rinaldo, Carrie Ferrari, Catherine Causer, Jane Cony, Susan Allison, Alison Boston, Lyndsay Rodwell, Debbie Cottrell, Philippa Smith, Kate Davies, Susan Brace, Helen Appleyard, Louise Guilliano, Liz Farr, Emma Gordon, Nicola Grimes, Ellie Dyer, Jackie Spencer, Caroline Crilley, Nicky Dickins, Linda Stephens, Sally Anderson, Debra Lenton, Elisabeth Jubb, Mrs Audrey Jubb, Diana Thistlethwaite, Andrea Dixon, Debbie Dorman, Annemarie Smart, Sarah Gibbs, Nicky Easby, Lauren Atkins, Amanda Jackson, Sarah Hakewill, Justine Williams, Helen Bunkall, Mr Martyn Hallett, Dawn Issitt, Lesley Gill, Sharon Egeland, Vicky Stannard, Alison Green, Sue Edwards, Samantha Ludlow, Eleanor Freeman, Tracey Smith, Joanne Thomas, Jill Heaton, Lynn Bullivant, Angela Hawes, Susie Easby, Anna Crane, Julie Brown, Joanna Smith, Michelle Norris, Frances Pearson, Anna Burt, Caroline Dixon, Sarah Sallows, Emma Ross, Viki Wadd, Elaine Brown, Sara Ward, Nicola Halstead, Catharine Berry, Danielle Abraham, Sarah Cheaney, Anna Rhodes, Amanda Wright, Catalina Borneo, Domini James, Jill Ablett, Alex Brown, Sophie Dent, Trixie Farmer, Judith Sharp, Rachel Andrews, Harriet Mann, Karen Webster, Emma Lavis, Susannah Turner, Katy Barnes, Sharon Harrold, Fran Reynolds, Liz Ogilvie, Kate Wescombe, Stella Habgood, Nicky Ablett, Rebecca Nickels, Georgina Henry, Susie Waddingham, Joanna Brown, Louisa Kelly, Rachel Mason, Marianne Thompson, Genny Findlay, Lucy Findlay, Emma Clark, Caroline Holmes, Jenny Chapman, Sue Chapman, Jaclyn Castledine, Sarah Freeman, Teresa Dean, Jeni Dodwell, Sarah Fuller, Tracy Harbinson, Alison Hamilton, Helen Morris, Mona Choo, Caroline Eeles, Sarah Metianu, Donna Glanvill, Sarah Eversden, Dawn Tamayo-Bullivant, Christine Evans, Rachel Hamilton, Alison Gilbert, Helen Odell, Jo Hakewill, Vanessa Dean, Gaynor Rodwell, Nicola Sturgess, Cerynne Henley, Julia Pitts, Sarah Pinborough

Up to 1949 Reunion

Saturday 11th June 2011

We welcomed back our alumini who left Bedford High School up to 1949 to return for a Farewell Bedford High School Reunion.

The event commenced at 11.00am with a welcome from Dorothy Chandler, Chair of The Guild. The speech was then followed by refreshments in the Main Hall and time for our visitors to chat and exchange details. Tours were then provided from Sixth form girls around the BHSG campus.

A wonderful buffet lunch was served in Trinity Dining Hall providing further opportunities for people to catch up and reminisce.

The following girls attended the reunion:

Joan Smith, Jennifer (Meg) Cooper, Sylvia Sexton, Pamela Johnson, Gill Mowse, Marion French, Margaret Crowe, Jean Hendry, Judith Ramsden, Faith Mastin, Susan Graham-Smith, Mary Clayson, Tamsin Christie, Patricia Topham, Margaret Sturton, Angela Holmes, Gwen Fairey, Pamela Halsey, Carol Messinger, Jill Thompson, Jocelyn MacCulloch, Paddy Gent, Katharine Colthurst, Elizabeth Wagg, Barbara Thomas, Margaret Roberts, Judith Colthurst, Jacqueline Finch, Margaret Bladon, Mary Fuller, Ruby Baker, Lyn Richards, Dilys Lloyd, Jean Robinson, Barbara Lilley, Barbara Elphick, Daphne Chivers, Jill Whiting, Elizabeth Skinner, Mary Leith, Ann Ireson, Sonia Belikoff, Heather Berry, Catherine Daughtry, Patsy Jones, Dorothy Copeland, Elisabeth Bellwood, Elizabeth Arnold, Nancy Lockett, Vida Abbiss, Cynthia Cranmer, Oonagh Barker, Daphne Bonnett, Margaret Strange, Elaine Southon, Ann Hall, Barbara Colthurst, Rosemary Bryant

1950 - 1959 Reunion

Saturday 25th June 2011

The reunion was an opportunity for all those who left Bedford High School between 1950 and 1959 to return for a Farewell Bedford High School Reunion.

Refreshments were available in the Main Hall from 11.00am, with a buffet lunch in Trinity Dining Hall. Group photographs from were then taken for those that wish to be photographed with friends. 

The following girls attended:

Jane Knott, Jennifer Fenton, Judith Campion, Patricia Robertson, Heather Baxter, June Hall, Eileen Bates, Audrey Frossell, Jennifer Bayes, Margaret Craig, Sue Holland, Valerie Alsop, Kyra Image, Sheila Minns, Vicky Stubbs, Candida Parrish, Sheila Porter, Tessa Lamb, Sandy White, Lyn Wardale, Susan Claydon, Jill Meiklejohn, Mary Robinson, Mary Webb, Pamela Denton, Ann Singlehurst, Sue Aitken, Janet Vyne, Valerie Palmer, Sue Christmas, Anne Ainscough, Barbara Tinn, Jane Western, Rosemary Gale, Mary McVittie, Ann Harper, Gillian Bridgman, Sara Tate, Sally Bunker, Gilly Newton, Janet Bates, Liz Cook, Helen Grant, Jennifer Davies, Margaret Poole, Gillian Pratt, Margaret Inkson, June Clark, Sally Hall, Jennifer Laborde, Felicity Houghton, Fay Thomas, Dorothy Shreeves, Jennifer Grant, Anne Chamberlain, Janet Purcell, Elizabeth Hodge, Jocelyn Whitmore, Ray Linzell, Brenda Keir, Valerie Tillyard, Pauline Ruston, Jo Rowling, Francia Seago

1981 - 1986 Reunion

24th April 2010

It was a bright sunny morning on 24th April as I arrived looking forward to meeting many old friends and hoping that I would recognise most of them, as I had not seen many of them for several years! As soon as the hall began to fill I was happy to see that faces remain the same - a few extra lines here and there but easily recognisable - within minutes old friendships were re-established and the noise level was gradually increasing!

I want to thank everyone for coming and making it such an enjoyable event. It is encouraging that one of the key topics of discussion was not that of the merger but of catching up with each other's news and a positive feeling that many would be coming back for the decade reunion in 2011. For those who could not make it this time, do please book the 30th April 2011 in your diaries for this decade reunion - it will be good to have a last chance to see the school as it stands now and tour the building, recalling old escapades from the classrooms and cloakrooms, as we did a couple of weeks ago. Hope to see you all next year!

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